Czech for Work & Living

Have you recently moved to the Czech Republic and would like to learn Czech to help you with your work or your daily life?  Perhaps you have lived here for a while but now feel that improving your Czech would help communicate with your colleagues and clients?  Learning Czech via Skype will help enhance your work experience and your daily interactions with Czech life.  Lessons can be scheduled around your work and can be tailored to your individual needs.

Czech for Travel

The Czech Republic is a beautiful country and travelling around it is a wonderful experience.  Learning a few basic phrases to help you interact with Czechs, to ask about directions and accommodation and to order in restaurants will enhance your experience immeasurably!

Czech for Study

Czech universities are wonderful, cosmopolitan and international places.  While many offer courses taught in English, learning Czech will help you make the most of your experience so that you can fully interact with your fellow students, course tutors and your university environment.

Czech for Fun!

Czech is a beautiful language and it’s definitely worth learning purely for its own sake.  It has a reputation for being very difficult but, like all languages, if you take a structured approach to it, you can be speaking and understanding before long.

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Learn Czech Online
Czech Lessons Online

Czech for Beginners

Are you planning to visit the Czech Republic?  Maybe you’re moving here and want to maximise your enjoyment of this country?  Or perhaps you just want to learn a few useful phrases to talk to friends and relatives?  I teach Czech to absolute beginners and can tailor my classes to your own individual needs.

Advanced Classes

Do you already know some Czech?  Would you like to improve or revise the language skills you already have?  Or perhaps your Czech is a little rust and you just need some conversation classes to get back to your previous standard.  Whatever your level of Czech, I can help you to practise, improve and become even more fluent.

Czech via Skype

I teach students of all levels from around the world via Skype.  Because I live and work in the Czech Republic, the cost of one-to-one lessons is probably cheaper they would be in your own country.

I send all teaching materials to you online and can schedule your lessons around your own individual timetable.